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Losing Your Spark

How many times do you hear yourself saying:

  • My job sucks the life out of me.
  • I went to college for this?
  • I'm tired of watching my life go by.
  • Sometimes, I leave work and donít even recognize myself!

Are you feeling the drain of job burnout?

You're Not Alone

Lots of people have their energy zapped by the tedium or meaninglessness of their work. Because you don't have the inspiration or the support you need to figure out what to do next, much more than your work is affected!

At the beginning of burnout, you might:

  • Struggle to leave job issues at work
  • Feel life is passing you by
  • Experience physical effects of stress (headaches, upset stomach, back problems)
  • Be irritable with those you love
  • Spend the little free time you have on couch potato recovery

The vicious energy-sucking cycle resulting from a draining job makes for serious misery, especially if you are a creative, dynamic, goal-oriented, optimistic person.

Next steps:

  1. Visit the Research page to find out more about my research.
  2. Take a questionnaire to see where you are on the burnout scale.
  3. Look through the quotes in the right column of the pages on this site. They’ll make you think or make you smile. How many times have you done either one of those today?
  4. Reorient, and then contact me for a free collaborative interview. We can talk about where you are and whatís in the way of doing the kind of work that energizes you.

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